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Citadel - Payment Methods

Citadel Commerce
provides payment processing solutions, risk mitigation services and other e-commerce products to numerous online merchants and is the fastest growing (in terms of year over year revenue growth) and most profitable (in terms of gross profit and EBITDA) subsidiary in the ESI Group (ESI Entertainment Systems Inc.).

The key software and hardware product for Citadel Commerce is Citadel Direct Canada, an electronic check processing system. Citadel Direct Canada delivers payment processing products and services while providing integrated fraud detection and risk management capabilities. This allows Citadel Commerce to mitigate the probability of fraudulent transactions and merchants to access a wider array of payment types and end-users.

Citadel Commerce has recently launched several innovative end-user payment solutions to simplify the payment process and to add currently unavailable payment functionality to both merchants and end-users. These include
myCitadel Wallet, an e-wallet with a multi-currency/multi-lingual e-money system; and Citadel Direct International, a real-time bank-to-bank electronic funds transfer interface.

Citadel Commerce ensure consumer and merchant identification, including the knowledge that a specific transaction originated from a specific merchant and that no one has tampered with the contents of the transaction. Citadel Commerce uses secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that data transferred between the merchant and Citadel Commerce has not been compromised. To protect our consumer and merchant investment in technology, Citadel Commerce maintains two redundant data centers: one located in Vancouver, Canada and the other in Malta and Costa Rica.

Products and Services

Citadel Commerce offers an innovative product suite that will help you expand your business and increase your revenue. By incorporating Citadel Commerce solutions into your business, you and your customers will immediately gain access to an online processing system that last year alone processed more than a billion dollars in successful transactions.

Benefits to the Citadel Commerce Product Suite
• Solutions that offer low risk of returns and chargebacks
• Expand your customer base and increase revenues by using local and
• international payment solutions
• White-labeled solutions – Improve customer experience and have your
• Customers coming back
• Cost Effective solutions – Enjoy increased savings and increased profits
• Industry-leading fraud protection keep your business and your customers
• safe and secure
• Single source for multi-currency payment methods
• Easy-to-integrate solutions – A robust API that seamlessly integrates with any
• website or back office system
• Support is always available – Merchant and customer care support available
• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Your Direct Payment Solution
• White-labeled direct payment solution
• Real-time bank transfer payments
• Electronic check processing with customizable fraud prevention
• Robust API that easily integrates with your website and back office systems
• Low risk of returns and chargebacks
• 24/7 merchant and customer support
One Source for Issuing Credits or Payments
• Same day direct-to-bank account remittance
• Free and instant remittance to myCitadel Wallet
• Pay via Canadian and international paper checks
• Fast, convenient and cost effective
• Advanced risk management
The Most Flexible Online Payment Solution for You and Your Customers
• No chargebacks – receive guaranteed funds from your customers
• Innovative local and international payment methods
• Free and instant remittance to myCitadel Wallet
• Secure and Trusted - Industry-leading fraud prevention
• Multi-currency / Multi-lingual

CitadelCommerce WebSite
Sportsbooks that accept Citadel as deposit method
#1 Sportsbook - bet365

#1 Casino - William Hill

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